Kú Cycle launch in Singapore with Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic

February 9, 2023 – Singapore.

Kú Cycle is now available in Singapore through its collaboration
with Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic.


Operating in Asia since 2002, Singapore Physio recently moved into a brand-new facility in Camden Medical Centre (next to Tanglin Mall), offering the most highly experienced and professional physiotherapists combined with a range of rehabilitation services, exercise physiology, running assessments and remedial massage. Integrated into these physio services is the Elite Performance Clinic, offering high end bike fitting services, biomechanical running assessment and triathlon coaching.

Founder and owner is Bevan Colless, a registered physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with athletes. In addition, he is a certified F.I.S.T. (Fitting Institute of Slowtwitch) Bikefitter. The F.I.S.T. protocol combines years of fit data and real-time feedback to create the best possible riding position to match your riding style. 

Bevan is a renowned free-speed and aero-geek. During his racing career, he always looked for more speed at the same power and considered all facets of aerodynamics when working with time trialists, triathletes and bike racers. As a physiotherapist, he is interested in data-based measurements and bringing a professional sporting team level of human measurement technology to the public.  Bevan has attended and presented at several bike fit, medical, and sports science conferences and he had a 10-year career as an elite amateur triathlete and bike racer, qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman in 2013 and 2015. He is husband to Singapore Physio co-owner Vanessa Colless and parents to 6-year-old Lola.

Bevan reached out to Kú Cycle late 2022 and explains his interest “When Ku Cycle popped up on my radar it caught my attention straight away. A custom-fitted affordable tri-bike with a super aerodynamic frame? Are you kidding me? You had me at Hello!  It felt like a perfect match.” In various discussions held between Bevan Colless and Alex Bok many synergies were identified between Singapore Physio and the Kú TF1 product proposition. Bevan explains “During my last ten years fitting bikes, we have tried to encourage people to do a pre-purchase fit, so they can decide if the bike they are interested in will fit them. However, most people would buy the bike they wanted for emotional or other reasons. And it was always very sad to do a post-purchase fit and find out the newly purchased bike was not a very good fit for the client. When I do a pre-purchase fit, we come up with the ideal dimensions of the bike for the client (stack and reach), and then we try to search for a bike that is close to those numbers. It’s very rare to find a bike with those exact ideal dimensions, so we end up settling for a frame that is close enough. Why not aim for perfect if you can? As I am a physiotherapist, I’m also seeing a lot of injuries and pain that can have their root cause in a poor bike fit, and I do a lot of bike fitting for people with injuries, so I know what a difference having a perfectly fitting bike can make.”

Kú Cycle CEO Alex Bok about the collaboration with Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic “Bevan and Vanessa Colless together with their team at Singapore Physio are the perfect fit for Kú Cycle to introduce the Kú TF1 in the Singapore market. This country has plenty of quality bike shops who over the years have added a fitting studio to support their selling process. The clinic that Singapore Physio operates is absolute world class and they have over a 20-year period expanded their knowledge, invested in the latest technologies, and are completely date driven. They work with clients who understand that a maximized performance level while at the same time riding injury free, is a decision that needs to be made before purchasing a bike or starting a new training program. Kú Cycle has no frame sizes in small, medium or large or even standard bikes in stock. Our built-to-order process starts with a pre-purchase bike fit and only then a frame can be designed in close partnership with the bike fitter and our Kú Technical Director to then build one frame for one athlete only. We call this a rider-specific bike and is based on the principle of stack and reach created by Dan Empfield.”

Bevan and Alex have a shared vision and objective for Kú Cycle in the Singapore market. Cycling and triathlon have had exponential growth in Singapore over the last ten years, and now that we are coming out of a period where people haven’t been able to race during Covid, we are seeing an upsurge in people training hard and signing up for races. We think the Singapore market is ready for Kú Cycle as Singaporeans and ex-pats here tend to have very high expectations of the quality of their goods and services. They just want the best. We know from Bevan’s bike fitting clients; they want to feel comfortable on their bikes and Alex’s many years of bike industry experience in Asia has proven Singaporeans understand and appreciate a quality product with a unique customer experience. This is what Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic and Kú Cycle will jointly offer to its clients with the goal of delivering improved athlete performance.

The first Kú TF1 demo bike will be available for viewing or a possible test ride. Bike fits can be booked at www.singaporephysio.com and the first TF1’s will soon be admired at triathlon races across Asia soon.

Media Contact Kú Cycle:

Alex Bok
+31 (0) 683 033 920

Media Contact Elite Performance Clinic Bike Fitting:
Bevan Colless
Singapore Physio/ Elite Therapy Clinic
1 Orchard Blvd – #06-09
Singapore 248649
6 518 3668


About Kú Cycle
A Dutch based company with a mission to design bikes and performance solutions that will change the sport forever – the perfect fit between body and machine. We believe a rider’s position should be established independent of the bike and will therefore reposition bike fitting services from a post-purchase service to a pre-purchase service. A new production process (built-to-order) and a completely different sales model are introduced with a single objective: athlete performance delivered!


About Elite Performance Clinic Bike Fitting:
Bevan Colless is an Australian trained physiotherapist and F.I.S.T certified bike fitter with ten years of experience fitting bikes. He has raced as an elite age group triathlete and cyclist and qualified for the Hawaii Ironman in 2013 and 2015. He is passionate about aerodynamics and uses the latest sports science assessment technology to optimise the bike to fit the rider’s strengths, weaknesses and goals.

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