Kú Cycle launch in the USA

May 29, 2023 – Almere, The Netherlands.

Kú Cycle is proud to announce its official market launch in the United States starting on the East Coast with the first 5 Kú Authorised Fitters appointed.

Triathlon was invented in the early 1970s by the San Diego Track Club in the USA as an alternative workout to the rigours of track training. The club’s first event consisted of a 10km run, an 8km bike ride and a 500m swim. The first IRONMAN triathlon was held in 1978 Honolulu, Hawaii until 1980. In 1981, the competition was moved to the less urbanized Big Island by Valerie Silk. With this relatively young sport starting in the USA, today the USA represents by far the biggest triathlon population in the world with close to 600,000 active triathletes or around 25% of the global triathlon population.

Without any official Kú authorised fitters announced until today, we did already sell quite a few Kú TF1 bikes to consumers in the USA. We received a genuine interest from US triathletes in our products based on the TF1’s advanced aerodynamics, the built-to-order process (based on pre-purchase bike fit) and last but not least, the very personal interaction between the customer and the Kú company owners.

Industry veteran Dan Empfield of the leading online triathlon website www.slowtwitch.com published various articles about Kú Cycle, starting in October 2022 with the article titled “Strangely looking triathlon bikes”, More recently in April 2023, Empfield published the article “Kú Cycle is rewriting bike design and the pathways to purchase”. In this last article Empfield concludes “I find this bike compelling for two reasons: It’s the best example to date that I’ve found of a tri bike brand taking advantage of disc brakes; and it’s the first brand to wrap its arms around the bike fitter community in a big way. Any enterprising bike industry executive should take note of this.” Empfield continues “there are some really good fitters all over Europe husbanding the Kú purchase process (this bike brand is from the Netherlands), and the U.S. fitter network is just now getting built out.” 

At Kú Cycle we appreciate Empfields support of the Kú Cycle brand and his understanding of our company mission and commitment to making the bike fitter a critical part of the purchase process of a high-performance triathlon bike. Athlete performance is highly personal and can’t be solved with a “small / medium / large” approach currently used in the bike industry.

Kú Cycle has completed its due diligence process of numerous fitters on the U.S. East Coast and is proud to announce the first official Kú authorized fitters in alphabetic order:

  • David Luscan from DL Multisport based in Henrico, Virginia.
  • Johnny Aboud based in Plantation, Florida.
  • Tommy Johnson from Sport Speed Lab based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Marc Galietta from The Energy Lab based in Doylestown Pennsylvania,
  • Todd Kenyon from TTBikefit LLC based in Warren, Rhode Island.

These fitters are some of the best-in-class fitting professionals who all have earned their credentials based on their expertise, years in the fitting business, use and development of advanced fitting technology and in most cases the thousands of bike fits performed. We are convinced any consumer working with these Kú fitters will experience a world class level bike fit and the starting point of true athlete performance improvements.

A warm welcome to David, Johnny, Tommy, Marc and Todd to the Kú Fitter family and we look forward to work with you all to deliver true athlete performance improvements to customers on the U.S. East Coast. For information and sales enquiries, these fitters can be reached through the Kú Fitter locator.

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About Kú Cycle
A Dutch based company with a mission to design bikes and performance solutions that will change the sport forever – the perfect fit between body and machine. We believe a rider’s position should be established independent of the bike and will therefore reposition bike fitting services from a post-purchase service to a pre-purchase service. A new production process (built-to-order) and a completely different sales model are introduced with a single objective: athlete performance delivered!

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