KÚ TF1 Aero Test OF Henk Galenkamp

5 April 2024 – Almere, Netherlands

Following on from the product comparison test between Henk’s Felt iA and the Kú TF1, the results were clear that Kú Cycle could offer performance improvements to Henk’s bike split by switching to a TF1.

product comparison

As a quick reminder of the results from the product comparison

The Kú TF1
demonstrates a CdA saving
of 14% against the Felt iA

The Kú TF1
saves the rider 20 watts of power
compared to the Felt iA

Over a full Ironman the rider will
reduce the bike split by 15 minutes
compared to the Felt iA

The Kú TF1 demonstrates a CdA saving of 14% against the Felt iA over multiple aero tests. The Felt’s average CdA was 0.244 which was reduced on the Kú TF1 to 0.209 measured in the same conditions.

Over a full Ironman distance riding at 38-40 Kph the Kú TF1 saves the rider 20 watts of power compared to the Felt iA.

Over a full Ironman distance riding at a constant normalised power of 280 watts, the rider will gain an average of 2 Kph on the TF1 compared to riding the Felt, reducing the bike split by 15 minutes.


We make you faster

The data improvements were remarkable switching from the Felt iA to a TF1, so Kú wanted to explore whether it would be possible to get the CdA even further down.

In order to truly validate the Kú TF1’s unique approach to aerodynamics, which requires each rider to be specifically sized to their TF1.

Kú Cycle need to demonstrate the promise of delivering 

measurable athlete performance improvements.

So, Henk attended one of the famous Kú Aero Camps in The Netherlands where we executed indoor & outdoor tests to gather the most accurate data results.

Kú Cycle is data driven, committed to solid research and we let the numbers do the talking…

Henk arrived at the aero camp already very well fitted to his TF1, so the tests started indoors around the velodrome before heading outdoors on the dyke.

The first 2 test runs set the baseline data. The Kú aerodynamic team then had the starting point to work from and worked on

changing saddle height, equipment, cockpit reach & different wheels to measure differences in performance.

After the indoor tests were complete and the lowest possible CdA had been recorded, the team moved outdoors onto the Almere Dyke to test in realistic conditions.


Indoors and Outdoors

Henk set the baseline CdA of 0.273 on his 2 test runs. With his initial position dialled in and a slight adjustment to the saddle height, Henk switched to the MET Drone helmet which reduced his CdA to 0.258.

A positional change was made to the height of the cockpit by increasing the reach by 25mm. This was very slightly negative to the CdA but Henk reported improved comfort which made this position more sustainable.

The final indoor change was to switch the rear wheel from

an 80mm to a Kú disc wheel which saw the lowest indoor CdA of 0.250.

The weather conditions had variable winds ranging from 43kph-45kph at 9° yaw.

Henk saw his CdA reduce from 0.250 indoors to 0.193 outdoors.

This validates how the TF1 aerodynamics & performance benefits from wind yaw.


On top of the improvements initially seen from Henk’s Felt iA vs Kú TF1 comparison, the Aero Camp delivered on it’s promise to improve athlete performance!

Over a full Ironman distance these improvements would see an increase in average speed by 1.23kph

Over a full Ironman distance riding at 40Kph, a further 18.9 watts saved.

Reducing the bike split of a full Ironman distance by 7.53 minutes.

Media Contact Kú Cycle:

Alex Bok
+31 (0) 683 033 920

About Kú Cycle
A Dutch based company with a mission to design bikes and performance solutions that will change the sport forever – the perfect fit between body and machine. We believe a rider’s position should be established independent of the bike and will therefore reposition bike fitting services from a post-purchase service to a pre-purchase service. A new production process (built-to-order) and a completely different sales model are introduced with a single objective: athlete performance delivered!

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