April 29, 2022 – Stockholm, Sweden.

Kú Cycle is now available in Sweden through its collaboration with Pain Free Power,
Sweden’s only IBFI accredited bike fit studio.


Pain Free Power is a bike fit and cycling analysis lab based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 2019 by Iain Findlay and Alex Smethurst. The aim of Pain Free Power was, and continues to be, to make cyclists and triathletes of all abilities more comfortable, efficient and aerodynamic. This is achieved through combining the latest bike fitting technologies from Qualisys, Gebiomized, Leomo and Notio with the owners’ practical experience and research knowledge.

Owner and Lead Bike Fitter at Pain Free Power, Iain Findlay, is an IBFI Level 3 accredited fitter and has performed over 3000 bike fits to date. He has worked with multiple national champions as well as Ironman and 70.3 world championship qualifiers. Iain’s background is in sports and exercise biomechanics, for which he completed an MSc in 2019. His passion for bike fit arose from his love of ultra endurance cycling and a desire to ride fast without discomfort over very long durations! It was through his love of cycling he met Pain Free Power’s co-owner Alex Smethurst.

Alex is coming to the end of her PhD and is looking to take on a new role as Head of Research and Innovation at Pain Free Power. She is a keen cyclist and triathlete, having previously competed at the Age Group European Championships in sprint distance triathlon. Her passion for multiple sports, along with her research experience has led to Pain Free Power taking a very research-driven approach to their bike fit practice. This is one of the reasons a collaboration with Kú cycles was such an interesting prospect for Pain Free Power.

Pain Free Power owner Iain Findlay about the collaboration with Kú Cycle “We are very excited to be collaborating with Kú. At Pain Free Power we are big advocates of their fit first philosophy as we firmly believe that a bike should be made to fit the rider, not the rider made to fit the bike. We also love their innovative and research-driven approach to bike design. For lots of our clients it’s all about making them faster and we believe that for many our collaboration with Kú Cycle could play a huge part in this!”

Kú Cycle CEO Alex Bok about the collaboration with Pain Free Power “Iain Findlay has demonstrated a deep passion and ability for bike fitting, bike science and athlete performance in general. As a young fitter Iain already presents a wealth of fitting and aerodynamic performance testing experience. His business partner Alex Smethurst will add another important dimension to the services offered at Pain Free Power with her research background.  Kú Cycle is convinced and proud we will be working with Sweden’s finest bike fitters!”

The Kú TF1 is available for Swedish consumers at Pain Free Power from today after obtaining a full professional bike fit.

Media Contact Kú Cycle:

Alex Bok
+31 (0) 683 033 920

Media Contact Pain Free Power:
Iain Findlay
+61 419 274 525


About Kú Cycle
A Dutch based company with a mission to design bikes and performance solutions that will change the sport forever – the perfect fit between body and machine. We believe a rider’s position should be established independent of the bike and will therefore reposition bike fitting services from a post-purchase service to a pre-purchase service. A new production process (built-to-order) and a completely different sales model are introduced with a single objective: athlete performance delivered!

About To The Start Line:
Pain Free Power is a Bike Fit studio in Stockholm with the goal of providing the best possible bike fitting services to ensure all of our clients can enjoy riding their bike. 

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