Kú Cycle launch in Australia with TTSL

December 1, 2021 – Perth, Australia.

Kú Cycle is now available in Western Australia through its collaboration with To The Start Line (TTSL) Multi Sport Coaching. Based in Perth Western Australia, TTSL specialises in multi discipline sports, bike fitting and technical assessments.



TTSL was founded by John Hallis who has personally experienced the benefits of a multi discipline sporting environment. Starting from an unhealthy overweight lifestyle, surviving his first 1km open water swim at the iconic Cole Classic in 2009, John went on to compete in the 2019 IRONMAN World Championships and, earlier this year, completed the Solo 20km Rottnest Channel Swim.

Born out of his own experience, John’s passion is the opportunity that triathlon provides for his athletes to accomplish the seemingly impossible. John’s coaching approach is focused on the individual athlete – developing a great relationship through open communication and building a custom training plan based on experience, science and innovation. John understands the importance of, and specialises in, the technical aspects of swim technique, bike fitting and run dynamics.

TTSL differentiates itself by collaborating and partnering with recognised industry expertise, such as John’s own coaches Nick Baldwin and Dr Kate Baldwin from Endurance Movement (EM).

Endurance Movement is a physiotherapy practice specialising in strength & conditioning and bike fitting. EM was founded by Dr Kate Baldwin, a physiotherapist and sport scientist who is best known for her ground-breaking research into strength & conditioning for long distance triathletes. Together with her husband Nick, a professional triathlete and Ironman winner, the couple have a combined 20 years of racing experience and a first-hand understanding of the requirements for triathletes when it comes to bike fitting.

Kate and Nick said, “We’re passionate about triathlon and work with triathletes of all levels from newcomers to the sport through to professionals. There are certainly times during bike fits where we recognise that some riders could benefit from custom geometry and having a bike built around their personal needs, which is why together with John we’re so excited to be involved in bringing Kú Cycle to triathletes in Western Australia.”

John’s partnership with Kú Cycle and EM grew from his recognition of the importance of working with innovative partners than can provide athletes the best possible individual athletic performance.

“From my first discussion with Alex Bok in late 2020, I recognised immediately that the journey he, Richard McAinsh and the Kú Cycle family were embarking on was unique. The success of a start-up requires a significant investment in time, focus and commitment. The engineering innovation of the TF1, and Kú Cycle’s commitment to its fitters and customers lends it a significant advantage. Kú Cycle saw an opportunity to redefine triathlon and I’m incredibly excited to become part of the Kú Cycle family and introduce their vision to triathletes of all abilities in Western Australia.”

Kú Cycle CEO Alex Bok about the collaboration with TTSL and EM “John, Nick together with Kate offer a unique combination of expertise to triathletes across Western Australia. One team that combines coaching, fitting, strength & conditioning expertise all based on sport science is a rare combination of skill sets delivered by true professionals. TTSL and EM were a logical partner for Kú Cycle to launch our brand in sports-loving Australia. The entire Kú Cycle customer journey, starting with a world class bike fit, your built-to-order Kú TF1, aero performance testing followed by coaching and training services, all delivered by a world class team, is a unique offering! We very much look forward to introduce the Kú TF1 in Western Australia together with the team of TTSL and EM.”

The Kú TF1 is available for Australian consumers from TTSL starting today after obtaining a full professional bike fit.

Media Contact Kú Cycle:

Alex Bok
+31 (0) 683 033 920

Media Contact at TTSL:
John Hallis
+61 419 274 525


About Kú Cycle
A Dutch based company with a mission to design bikes and performance solutions that will change the sport forever – the perfect fit between body and machine. We believe a rider’s position should be established independent of the bike and will therefore reposition bike fitting services from a post-purchase service to a pre-purchase service. A new production process (built-to-order) and a completely different sales model are introduced with a single objective: athlete performance delivered!

About To The Start Line:
John Hallis is an Ironman Certified Coach and an Accredited Triathlon Australia Coach, providing customised one-to-one training programs for individual athletes, specifically aligned to their goals.

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