Optimal frame and component integration delivering aero advantage and simplicity

Kú Cycle delivered with the TF1 a complete redesign of the front of the bike that showcases a striking aerodynamic fork and head tube tucked between the rider’s arms, which literarily opens up the entire front of the bike. It was only logical to search the market for the most advanced component partner that would integrate perfectly with the TF1 and to deliver maximum aero advantage. This led us to a simple decision: SRAM.

Modern bike design is moving towards greater integration of the frame, the components and systems. ‘Integration’ however is often misinterpreted as hidden; hiding cables and wiring regardless of the efficiency and convenience of doing so. Complex hidden wiring and cable systems are difficult to maintain and service. Breaking the bike down for travel becomes a process requiring deeper technical skills.

The more complex the system, the greater opportunity for failure; damage during build or breakdown of the bike, additional areas for wear and tear in use, wires chafing through if not secured properly.

Simpler systems are easier and more efficient to integrate, making maintenance, servicing and travelling equally simple. 

SRAM AXS system offers world leading wireless functionality, totally eliminating a complex wiring loom running through the frame. No independent battery to mount and access for charging on the frame. Updates for functionality can be made to the system by the AXS app.

SRAM are pioneers of 1x drive systems which sees an increasing number of followers in the triathlon community. 1x systems offer further simplification, eliminating the front derailleur and the potential aero gains of doing so.

The Kú TF1 is compliant and has been tested with major component manufacturers and we can provide a component spec for customers who wish to build their Kú TF1 with other brands. As a small start-up company, we love (and need) to focus really hard on what we believe delivers true athlete performance.

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Extension shifters

Vuka shift AXS 90


Zipp’s Vuka Shift AXS 90 is the integrated aerobar shifting system for the Kú TF1. It cleanly houses the aerobar extensions, shift-control, and head unit in one neat and clean package. The Vuka Shift provides an integrated computer mount and cleans up the aero cockpit for simplicity and optimized aero efficiency.


Base bar brake levers


The SRAM hydraulic road disc brakes fully support the aerodynamic Kú TF1 frame design, lowers hand effort, shorter braking distances and easier changes between wheelsets. The HydroT brake platform offers superior control, feel, and heat management. The textured carbon brake lever provides better finger grip.

Extension holderS

Kú Cycle

PS-EXH-001 (5º)
PS-EXH-002 (10º)
PS-EXH-003 (15º)

Full carbon extension holders integrated into the Kú TF1 cockpit in +5º, +10º and +15º. Ability for bike fitter to make micro adjustments to the rider’s arm pad position and enable the best possible race performance.

Cup mounts

Kú Cycle PS-CMT-001

Completing the 3D adjustable cockpit are angle and width adjustable cup mounts compatible with a range of 3rd party branded armrest cups.

Basebar shifters

SRAM eTap MultiClics


The SRAM eTap® MultiClics™ satellite shifters allow you to shift when you want and where you want it. Limitless remote shifting positions on your base bar and aero bars.


SRAM Force® Crankset
165 or 170 plus 1x and Powermeter options


Riders want more range and closer steps between gears—and that’s the driving design principle of the SRAM Force® crankset. It offers smaller chainrings with a consistent 13-tooth gap between size variants, delivering smooth, accurate and dependable shifting. Options provided by Kú are a) single or double-ring drive train b) 165mm or 170mm crank length c) power meter.

Bottom bracket


The new SRAM DUB bottom bracket series has a simple job: connect your crankarms and protect the smooth, long-lasting application of power to your drivetrain. The DUB spindle has been designed to be one true unifying component for better protection from the elements and for longer-lasting performance. Strong, smooth and simpler.

REAR Derailleurs

Etap AXS wireless


Whether you ride 2x or 1x, the SRAM Force eTap AXS rear derailleur is up for the task. It features Orbit damper technology for quiet, secure chain management over rough roads and capitalizes on larger X-SYNC pulleys for improved durability and efficiency.

FRONT Derailleurs

Etap AXS wireless


Front The SRAM Force eTap AXS™ front derailleur is AXS™ enabled for easy personalization. Works perfectly with all chainring combinations. Fast, precise rear shifting is now more attainable than eve.r


SRAM Force chain


Flattop technology allows for a narrower chain with quieter operation and increased strength and durability. Hard Chrome plated inner and outer plates for faster and more precise shifts.


SRAM Force XG 1270
10-28 or 10-33


The SRAM Force XG-1270 cassette is optimized for electronic shifting. It provides smooth, precise shifts, from 10T on up. It features at least five one-tooth jumps for a smoother gear progression. 10-tooth start helps provide a wider gearing range

Brake caliper

Direct mount calipers


SRAM hydraulic disc braking with award-winning HydroHC brake platform. Bleeding Edge technology for easy and clean bleeds.

Brake disc

Centerlock 140mm


The SRAM CenterLine XR (CLX-R) rotor works in tandem with the SRAM eTap AXS™ drivetrain. It’s designed specifically for road riding – and to keep braking quiet at every stop. Streamlined form optimized for road and triathlon use. Center-line track offers quiet brake operation and two-piece design reduces weight.

Hydraulic BRAKES hoses

SRAM DOT specific hose with Formula speed lock

Borrowing from aerospace and motorsport the HAS is a smart connector allowing coupling and decoupling of hydraulic brake lines, without the need for rebleeding.

Seat post clamp

Ritchey TT

The tried and tested Ritchey WCS TT seat post clamp uses a single 5mm bolt for quick, secure adjustment of angle and set back in a low-profile head for optimal saddle clearance.

KÚ Thru’ Axle

Front Kú Cycle 100 x 12mm
Rear Kú Cycle 142 x 12mm

Kú Cycle developed front and rear thru’ axles for an uncomplicated front and rear wheel assembly. The 12 mm removable axle complements the Kú TF1 with perfection.


Front Kú Cycle Aero 63mm
Rear Kú Cycle Aero 83mm

Design expertise of top of the range aero wheels combined with years of experience of manufacturing wheels for most major brands has lead to the Ku Cycle aero rims. Optimised for disc brakes, full depth aero profiles compliment the TF1 ‘FAST’ fork and frame aero package perfectly.


Continental GP 5000 TL (25mm)

The Ku TF1 rims are deserving of a great tire and we fit the best all rounder in the field, bringing a whole new performance level from a state of the art tubeless tire. With increased puncture protection you can ride faster and more comfortably


Round bottle and bento box

Integration doesn’t have to mean hidden and difficult to access, the TF1 hydration and storage solution is an integral part of your race day aero set up; adding a ‘leading edge’ to your body while providing ample storage and the aid station convenience of a conventional round bottle.


Even the best tire can have problems; to get you back in the race quickly the Ku TF1 has simple to access emergency storage for a ‘Dynaplug’ style tubeless repair kit and a C02 inflator in the nose cone.

Aero toolbox

Additional storage for a spare tube and tools is provided by the BB fin tool carrier.

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