DESIGN vision

The perfect fit between body and machine

The Kú TF1 is a visionary triathlon bike and marks the launch of a unique new bike brand Kú Cycle. Our design philosophy is a journey that always starts with looking for new ways to deliver real athlete performance gains.

The complete redesign of the front of the bike without the restriction of rim brakes (as disc brakes were introduced) was a problem worth solving because the front of the bike is the area that influences up to 90% of wind drag for the rider + bike combined. Front of the bike The TF1 design showcases a striking aerodynamic high fork and head tube tucked between the rider’s arms, which literarily opens up the entire front of the bike. This revolutionary design helps lower overall bike + rider drag due to reduced air-blockage and improved downstream airflow control.

A never seen before Steerer Pivot Box eliminates the traditional fork steerer tube to deliver improved front-of-bike stiffness and more direct steering response. The front of bike design also introduces an industry-first frame specific fork length, matching the fork length to each customer frame size, resulting in an optimized rider weight distribution and “feeling one with the bike”.

Rider specific A second major design philosophy the TF1 introduces, is the frameset being completely optimized to each individual customer, built to order and one hundred percent rider specific. Not only is this athlete centric frame geometry personalised, also the frame paint scheme and logo decals are personalised designs and delivered in an amazing customer experience.

In partnership with our network of world class Kú authorised fitters, the TF1 advances every aspect of athlete performance; starting with the rider’s personal biomechanics, bike + rider aero performance, endurance performance stability and even catering to the rider’s personal bike handling skills. The result TF1 delivers major wind drag reductions and a perfect fit between body and machine to significantly improve athlete performance.

Our bike designs and performance solutions will change the sport forever.

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